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APA hosts a growing number of podcasts produced by APA staff and members. Explore why APA Publishing is the world’s premier publisher of books, journals, and multimedia on psychiatry, mental health, and behavioral science. When you're ready to dive in, we have you covered with podcast episodes from a wide range of subjects which feature extensive interviews and discussions, research, rationale, and much more.

AJP Audio

Each episode of AJP Audio brings you an in-depth look at one of the articles featured in that month's issue of The American Journal of Psychiatry. Wide-ranging interviews with article authors cover the background, rationale, main findings, and future implications of the research.

AJP Residents' Journa‪l‬ podcast:

Created by trainees for trainees and features interviews covering a wide array of topics including career exploration, personal/professional journeys, clinical practice tips, and more.

Finding Our Voice

Finding Our Voice brings the viewpoints and opinions of the next generation of psychiatrists—including residents, fellows, and early career psychiatrists—to the forefront. Each episode focuses on systemic racism within a racial, ethnic, or minority group. Dr. Sanya Virani hosts discussions with guests who offer fresh perspectives on difficult issues by sharing their own stories and those of their patients.

Looking Beyond

APA's Looking Beyond series seeks to “look beyond” a unidimensional approach in understanding mental health outcomes for diverse communities, and apply a multidisciplinary lens to help us understand these complex issues that impact mental health care and outcomes—particularly for marginalized and minoritized communities.

Mentally Healthy Nation

Mentally Healthy Nation is the voice of the American Psychiatric Association Foundation. Join us for candid conversations that will focus on educating the public and providing tangible solutions to our mental health crisis. Each episode will focus on an aspect of mental health that impacts your community, where you live, learn, work, and worship.

Psychiatry Unbound

APA Publishing's Books podcast, hosted by APA Books Editor-in-Chief, Laura Roberts, M.D. It offers the opportunity to hear the voices behind the most prominent psychiatric scholarship in the field today. Subscribe now to learn about important topics in the field of psychiatry and see how our authors are making an impact in clinical settings throughout the world.

Psychiatric Services From Pages to Practice

Editor Lisa Dixon, M.D., M.P.H., and Podcast Editor and co-host Josh Berezin, M.D., M.S., discuss key aspects of research recently published by Psychiatric Services. Tune in to Psychiatric Services From Pages to Practice to learn about the latest mental health services research and why it is relevant. Topics include community-based treatment programs, collaborative care, evidence-based treatment and service delivery, criminal and social justice, policy analysis, and more.

APA's Medical Mind Podcast

A podcast about innovation in mental health care from the APA Division of Education. APA Administration host Ann Thomas interviews APA members and other healthcare professionals about new initiatives in psychiatry.

Send Feedback

Have feedback on our podcasts? We'd love to hear it. Please email us at [email protected].

These podcasts are subject to the Terms of Use at The views and opinions expressed in these podcasts are those of the individual speakers only and do not necessarily represent the views of the American Psychiatric Association, its officers, trustees, or members. The content of the podcasts is provided for general informational purposes only and is not intended as, and shall not be understood or construed as, medical or any other type of professional advice nor does it represent any statement of the standard of care. We strongly recommend that any listener follow the advice of physicians directly involved in their care and contact their local emergency response number for any medical emergency. The information within the podcasts is provided as-is and is not guaranteed to be correct, complete, or accurate.

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